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    Dancing Partners’ mission is to provide you with a successful workout regime through the fun and practical skills of dancing. From disco to salsa, Coach Murray Mostyn`s approach will improve your confidence and make you look good on the dance floor. Whether you want to lose weight, tone, strength train or just have fun, Dancing Partners will give you the skills and motivation to achieve your goals! We make it easy and enjoyable.

    Using core exercises and yoga fitness techniques, you will achieve better dancing form and your fitness dancing efforts will give you better endurance, agility and flexibility.

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    Murray Mostyn has won various dance competitions in Midland, Orillia, Toronto and on the Royal Caribbean Cruise ships. He has successfully coached many dancers, improving their dance steps and body shape. Murray can also compliment your dance workouts with running, walking, aqua fitness, and weight training. His 40 years of experience is your guarantee for best results.

    Dancing Partners’ fitness dancing routines are customized to suit your personal goals and objectives. Coach Murray will also work around your timetable and meet you at a place that’s most convenient for you. So get into shape today through a one-on-one program designed especially for you. Coach Murray will work with you on the 5 physical performance factors of presentation, flexibility, endurance, strength and speed. He can also provide you with a structured schedule to ensure you get your daily requirements for good nutrition. Achieving a long-term healthy lifestyle is at the core of all Dancing Partners’ programs.

    It all happens on the dance floor. If you want to look like everything is natural and you know what you are doing, coach Murray will show you the right moves to make it happen for you.

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    Dancing Partners is associated with the Singles Professional Network as well as various dancing establishments, such as Hollywood on the Queensway, Timothy`s Pub, and the former Chick`n Deli. Come and be part of the dance scene with Murray`s energetic dance routines.

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